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Talisman: Kingdom Hearts

Talisman: Kingdom Hearts

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  • Description

    Set in the vast array of Disney worlds, players take on the roles of their favorite Disney characters to search for powerful allies, magic spells, and equipment that will protect them on the journey to close the Door to Darkness.

    Incredible new partnership with world-renowned Talisman brand!

    11 sculpted figures from the Disney universe

    Figures include Donald Duck, Sora, Kairi, Terra, Ventus, Xion, Riku, & Mulan

    Super popular Disney fantasy adventure role-playing video game series!

    • 1 game board
    • 104 adventure cards
    • 24 spell cards
    • 8 large strength counters (cones)
    • 32 small strength counters (cones)
    • 8 large magic counters (cones)
    • 32 small magic counters (cones)
    • 8 large life counters (cones)
    • 32 small life counters (cones)
    • 11 character movers
    • 11 character player boards
    • 30 coins
    • 36 fate tokens
    • 4 keyblade cards
    • 28 purchase deck cards
    • 1 rulebook