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    Most cities in the Monsterpocalypse rarely see a battle. And when they are threatened by a titanic conflict, it only affects a small portion of the city before the combatants quickly move on. A few... read more

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  • $11.00 Unplayed Figure in Box
    Built by an unknown (and likely insane) engineer, the Mekanoshredder was originally intended to protect its creators against the various threats lurking within the ruined Iron Kingdoms. That lasted... read more

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  • $13.00 Unplayed Figure in Box
    From beyond the Stormlands comes the Wastelander. He is a ronin efaarit who has traveled to the ruins of western Immoren from the void-cursed nightmare that is the fallen Skorne Empire. The Wastela... read more

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  • $15.00 Unplayed Figure in Box
    She plotted and schemed for years…YEARS! She was to be the next Hierarch; she was to rule the Protectorate! It was her destiny! Or at least, that’s what Feora thought. Then the infern... read more

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  • $15.00 Unplayed Figure in Box
    Gubbin has a sister? Gubbin has a sister! The adorable Flubbin learned the art of explosives from her older brother when she was a baby. Unlike big brother, who prefers quantity over quality, Flub... read more

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  • $23.00 Unplayed Figure in Box
    Before the infernals came, the grymkin had been unleashed by the Old Witch to stave off the apocalypse. Well, that plan was stupid, and it failed. Now, not only did the apocalypse happen, but there... read more

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    This is to purchase a ticket for the chance to win Catachan Colonel in a raffle that will be held on Saturday June 20th. This purchase is not a Catachan Colonel model. Each ticket purchased will re... read more

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    The ruling castes of the Adeptus Mechanicus are the Tech-Priests – robed zealots whose flesh is replaced over time with bionic enhancements. These technosavants carry a bewildering array of t... read more

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