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NemoS War: Bold And Caring Expansion

Nemo'S War: Bold And Caring Expansion

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  • Description

    The second expansion pack for Nemo's War Bold and Caring features two new motives for Captain Nemo: Adventure and Humanist! As experienced players know each motive is like playing a different game!

    With the Adventure motive you can also commence play with a new Nautilus Upgrade card: Diving Apparatus which assists you with all Test rolls for which you spend 2 Actions and helps keeps the Adventure Deck stocked with gemstones.

    The Humanist motive sees Captain Nemo desiring to better the plight of the common people. Potentially starting with the Hospital Machines Upgrade card it allows the Captain to parley with ships at sea using "Diplomacy Attacks."

    Requires Nemo's War base game to play.

  • Details
    Publisher: Victory Point Games